Jan 19, 2011

Nokia Stop the Music Package Free in 27 Countries

Nokia Stop the Music Package Free in 27 Countries - It has been more than two years, Nokia tried to penetrate the music industry by selling phones that comes with access to download millions of songs without boundaries official. Service is holding a number of prominent labels that have been developed from the "Comes With Music" to "OVI Music Unlimited" or "OVI Music as you please" in Indonesia.

However, the world's biggest mobile phone maker has finally decided to discontinue the service bundling package. Whereas, previously, the business model that dilancarakan Nokia and its partners such as Universal Music, EMI, Warner Group, and Sony is staying digadang will be heavy competition from Apple's iTunes.

Apparently, the service is not received according to market expectations. Free download service was stopped in 27 countries. Living in some countries are maintained, namely in China, India, and Indonesia to download the service pack free of charge for 12 months and in Brazil, Turkey, and South Africa for a package of 6 months.

"The market clearly wants DRM-free music service (digital right management)," said Nokia spokesman, as reported by Reuters on Monday (1/17/2011). In donwload service without limit, users can listen to it only in the mobile phone included in the purchase oaket and one computer using OVI Player.

Although the download service has been closed indefinitely, Nokia continues to download songs online business is. Nokia decided to provide only the songs without DRM in 38 countries. For users who still subscribe to unlimited music download service can still use it to limit subscriptions expire.

Source: Reuters

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