Dec 2, 2009

Nokia Sue Manufacturer Top Panels

Nokia Corp., the largest mobile phone maker in the world, Tuesday (1 / 12), has filed suits against several manufacturers of liquid crystal display (liquid crystal display / LCD) for alleged price fixing.

Mark Durrant, a spokesman for Motorola, said the lawsuit filed last month in the United States and England that followed the investigation conducted by the authorities in the United States and the European Union. Companies shall be sued is AU Optronics, Hitachi, LG Electronics, Philips Electronics, Samsung Electronics, Seiko Epson, Sharp, and Toshiba.

Nokia has filed a lawsuit to cover the excess costs paid by the existence of cartel activity which is currently under government investigation. "When a certain number of companies and management have admitted participating in or accused of price-fixing cartel components purchased Nokia, it makes sense if the Nokia claim damages," said Durrant.

Understandably, liquid crystal display used Nokia in the handset and cathode ray tube. The company says that in line with the policy of litigation, until now there has been no further details.

Nokia, based in Espoo near the Finnish capital, has sold 468 million handsets last year, up 7% in 2007.

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