Jan 21, 2011

iPod Touch Supports 3D Without Glasses?

iPod Touch Supports 3D Without Glasses? - Apple never cease to innovate in each product. Rumors of Apple will add the 3D technology on the newest iPod Touch.

Uniquely, the iPod Touch 3D is no need special glasses. Also rumored to Japanese manufacturing companies have been appointed working on a new generation of LCD iPod Touch this.

3D-enabled gadget is not the first gadget. The reason, Nintendo had already announced Nintendo 3DS is designed with no need special glasses to view 3D content.

Previously, the latest generation iPod Touch has added front and rear camera. As quoted Maclive, this camera to support video chat that rely on Wi-Fi.

But the new iPod Touch is not yet showing signs of good sales. Until now, there has been no response to Apple about the news.

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