Jan 19, 2011

Former So Do not Let Mobile Waste

Former So Do not Let Mobile Waste - Do not ignore waste electronic goods to you. Mobile phones contain materials such as metals that may pollute the environment if thrown away. Even if not disposed of, at best, secondhand mobile phones left unused simply piled in a drawer or corner of another house.

Now I have found many that provide collection points for electronic waste in the country is like in other countries that we usually see on broadcast television. Starting December 2010, Bakrie Telecom is a telecommunications operator which pioneered the former cell phone collection program.

"We rarely realize that the materials contained in these items contain metal materials and chemicals that have a negative impact on the environment as well as ourselves and our families," said Irfandi Firman, Executive Vice President of PT Bakrie Telecom Tbk some time ago.

In this program, Bakrie Telecom receives phone that has not used or has become damaged goods in any condition, living or dead. Not just a collection of used mobile phones or wrecks, but also includes the charger, cell phone batteries, RUIM card shell of the former, the former prime cards and refill cards used along with the plastic.

The community can submit their used mobile phone & any brand in a state in which while valid Esia outlets in Jakarta and Bogor. There are 8 outlets Esia is ready to accept delivery of the used phones, including desk Esia at Wisma Bakrie, desk ITC Roxy Mas, ITC Fatmawati desk, desk ITC Cempaka Mas, Depok Margonda front desk, front desk at the complex Kalimalang Bekasi commercial centers, outlet Sun WTC Serpong and outlets in Jalan Padjadjaran no. 41 Bogor.

All used mobile phone collected will be recycled to work with the DGE (Dian Graha Elektrika) as a representative of Huawei's service center in Indonesia. Anyone who participates in reducing this waste rewarded discount USD 50,000 to purchase a USB Modem Hape Esia & AHA.

Previous cell phone collection programs have been initiated by Nokia Indonesia since last year. Through its Give and Grow, Nokia Indonesia to invite the community to collect used mobile phones in 98 point Nokia Care Centers across Indonesia. The result of this program will be donated to WWF to plant trees in watershed Ciliwung.

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