Feb 21, 2011

Service Notebook - How To Best Handle Notebook

Service Notebook - How To Best Handle Notebook
Here are the problems that often occur in Notebook and there are some solutions for you at least understand the service handle your notebook:
   1. White LCD Screen, Image shake, Image blink when open / close solution: Check Lcd cable. Remove the cables behind the lcd and that is connected to the mainboard, clean, install again. Cables lcd behind in adding insulation.
   2. When lighted lamps on the Mainboard flame continued to die again. solution: Unloading Mainbord, freelance Processor, clean and install again. If still equal means damage to the mainboard.
   3. When lit the lamp flame mainboard, but no display. solution: Clean RAM memory. If still equal means damage to the mainboard.
   4. Notebooks do not want to flame, when installed adapter indicator lights blink. solution: Mainboard.
   5. Lcd sometimes flame sometimes die. solution: Check the cable or the inverter.
   6. DVD RW / Combo not want to detect. solution: off DVD RW / Combo, clean the socket.
   7. DVD RW / Combo will not read CDs / DVDs, do not want to burn CDs / DVDs. solution: Replace DVD / Opticnya.
   8. Figure abnormal. solution: Reinstall the drivers, check the lcd cable, check VGA / Mainboard.
   9. Wi-fi can not access the internet. solution: - Make REPAIR, how: Right-click the wireless icon, click on WinXP REPAIR / REPAIR AND DIAGNOSIS at WinVISTA - Right-click My Computer, click Manage, click Services and Application, click Services, click on the WLAN AutoConfig WinVISTA / Windows zero configuratin on WinXP, Click Stop, Click on Restart.
  10. Notebook hard boots. solution: Clean the switch / switch on the power board. Replace switch / switch.
  11. Windows will not turn off automatically, should the manual. solution: Reinstall the camera driver.
  12. When going in windows always restart. Solution: Setting the SATA Mode in BIOS to IDE.
  13. Hang. Solution: Discard Skins / Themes. Clean the memory socket.
  14. After reinstalling windows did not detect camera. solution: Use the WinXP sp2 and above.
  15. Do not want to enter the windows, stopped when booting solution: Damage to the mainboard
  16. After a few minutes / hours of the notebook dies. solution: Clean the paste to the processor, replace the pasta with the new. Check new fan, flame or not.
  17. When using the headset speaker sound on the notebook still out (so both of them out, headsets and speakers nb). Solution: Reinstall Connexcant HDA Audio. Find the latest drivers from your notebook terHDA.
So hopefully useful tips for you.

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