Feb 23, 2011

Launches New Full Size Honda Accord

Launches New Full Size Honda Accord - Honda Accord again offer the newest innovations. With the concept of "Unlimited Luxury" New Full size Accord was launched today, Wednesday (02/23) at Pacific Place, Jakarta. With a more luxurious design and a variety of features which add the driver and passenger comfort New Full Size Accord Honda is present as an innovation.

Honda accord has a long history with each of the 8-generation Accord models offer a breakthrough in his time.
Since its presence in Indonesia, the Honda Accord has been well received by the community and become a benchmark of a premium sedan in Indonesia in terms of size, appearance, technology and security.

International ra Seca, Honda Accord has won more than 150 prestigious automotive awards in various countries. In Indonesia, Honda Accord also has won nine awards, including one of the most prestigious is the "Indonesia Car of The Year" from Car and Motor magazine in 2005.
Meanwhile, the latest generation Accord was awarded the title of "Best Premium Sedan" in the event Indonesian International Motor Show 2008 and 'Best Buy Large Solution "from Target magazine Car Magazine in 2010.

Since its launch in 1976, the New Full Size Accord has recorded the journey of about 15.1 million units with sales spread across 160 countries worldwide. In Indonesia alone, sales of Honda's Accord during the last 2 decades has reached 33,684 units, the highest in the medium class sedan.

"With nick achievements and record sales, the Honda Accord really is a global sedan with world-class reputation," said Yukihiro Aoshima, President Director of PT. Honda Prospect Motor (HPM)

"Generation to eight of the Honda Accord carrying the concept of Bigger, Better, bolder, to affirm the concept of the Accord as a model with terlapang cabin in its class. Having a high performance and advanced technological features compared to other models in its class. New Full Size Accord which was introduced today memepertahankan concept is at once membaw Accord luxury and comfort level to a higher level, sesuaidengan theme "Unlimited Luxury" diusungnya, "he added.

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