Feb 20, 2011

Nokia-Microsoft Ready to Compete with Android

Nokia-Microsoft Ready to Compete with Android - Nokia is working with Microsoft trying to become the number one smartphone manufacturer, competing with smartphones that run Android.

Nokia mengandeng Microsoft launched its Windows-based smartphones Phone 7 in the face of competition in the smart phone era of dual core processor.

Nokia CEO, Stephen Elop, even admitted openly that his ambition is to hit the Android.

"Our number one priority is to compete with Android," said Elop, as reported by TechRadar, Wednesday (16 / 2).

"In a competition of this race there are three competing horses, Google, Apple and Nokia together with Microsoft now," he concluded.

Previously, Android could be considered to be part of the Nokia operating system, but canceled without disclosed why.

"Microsoft is contributing to the service such as Bing, Xbox and so on. We are clearly dependent on the WP 7 for moving forward, but Microsoft is also betting significantly with location-based services from Nokia.

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