Feb 13, 2011

Toyota and Hyundai Pamper Drivers

Toyota and Hyundai Pamper Drivers - Two of the biggest car manufacturers of the two countries, Toyota Motor Corp. (TMC) and Hyundai Motor Co., this year offers a new entertainment system in their cars in America. The device can be connected with the driver's cell phone to give access to the radio, navigation, and other services available over the Internet.
This service is included into one web-based radio, so it lets users create channels based on musical tastes likes, or select a singer. Also there are GoogleMaps with navigation.
System at Toyota called eTune. Motorists can access hundreds of free radio channels via the internet-based telephone applications ihertradio's Clear Channel Communications Inc.. Not only that, there is a restaurant booking site, openTable.com and navigation systems via Bing.com. However, for a while this application is designed is still limited.
System in the Hyundai name is Blue Link offers Internet browsing enough to vote. This is not the first because Ford had already been with the Sync system of Microsft technology Corp (MSFT).
Blue Link can disambungan to the social networking site Twitter, SMS, and e-mail. If the vehicle was brought children the streets, we can trace its existence through a computer at home with a considerable distance.
Amazingly, there is a security system that tells if you have an accident. This technology has been applied first by GM's OnStar system with the title subscribe.
Toyota and Hyundai hopes this system can solve old problems with the development of automotive technology. Because, according to both, difficult to upgrade the hardware that is built into the car.

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