Feb 24, 2011

Samsung Galaxy The Successor

Samsung Galaxy The Successor - Beginning in 2010, the name of Android yet fly fast. Moreover, the smart phone market seized. However, late last year, all allegations that changed instantly. Analysts forecast that the Android will be great in 2014 proved to be happening faster. A study conducted by ChangeWave Research say the level of user satisfaction on Android phones amounted to 72 percent. One level below the IOS (77 percent) and on top of the BlackBerry OS (41 percent).

Samsung Mobile is one of the terdongkrak sales by this platform. One of the products gacoannya, S Galaxy, who entered the class premium smartphone sold to 10 million units worldwide.

Samsung Electronics Indonesia (Sein) apparently did not want to waste this opportunity. Galaxy S sales success as well mendongkrakkan sub brand name Galaxy as part of a large family of Samsung mobile phones for the Android platform. Samung also has a commitment to deploy Android in various categories. In addition to the premium class, as well as high-end, mid-end and entry-Android.

However, towards the second quarter, Sein concentrate to spread their mobile phones more affordable. Four series have been prepared. Everything is priced under $ 3 million. Everything also has been using version 2.2 (Froyo). What's interesting is perhaps the four series is crammed with packages Social Hub. This is a feature that integrates social networking with contacts, calendars, widgets, unified inbox, e-mail, IM, etc.. This feature was developed Samsung to give a lot of convenience.

Starting from the series Galaxy Ace. This is a series dedicated to young executives. And, is the most sophisticated of the three other family members. Call it the computing speed of the processor that uses 800 MHz and 5 MP camera. WIZ Touch User Interface is used here. For the needs of open and edit document files, chargeable to ThinkFree feature. Internal memory of 150 MB with external memory expansion up to 32 GB. Ace offered at Rp 2.999 million.

Gio is the Galaxy's second family. This series has the same processor as Ace. In general, the capacity is similar, except that only uses 3 MP camera. Gio which means jewel (in Italian) is promoting a brighter screen. Although the 3 MP, but full of various options, such as panorama, smile shot, and continuous shot. This series is compared with competitors in her class, such as Motorola and LG Optimus Wildfire One, level on top. Galaxy Gio cost Rp 2.149.00.

Very similar series with the Galaxy series Gio is Fit. The design is based on the comfort grip. However, Fit only uses 600 MHz processor. Although lower, he was great on camera (5 MP). Therefore, the price is more expensive, USD 2.499 million.

Last which was sold earlier on Saturday, February 19 last, was the Galaxy Mini. Tongkrongan and spec The Mini is more like the Gio series. This series is intended for young children, especially the newly likes Android. Mini removed at Rp 1.6 million.

Samsung really wanted to give a lot of options in the various segments. Opening with four Galaxy. Next Galaxy S second version will also enliven the next round. Just wait.

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