Feb 13, 2011

BlackBerry Messenger It Can Connect to Applications

BlackBerry Messenger It Can Connect to Applications - Research In Motion fulfill its promise to open the BlackBerry Messenger platform. Later, interactive communication not only be done via BlackBerry Messenger, but also connect to a variety of applications on the BlackBerry.
That said Gregory Wade, Managing Director of SEA RIM, at the opening session keynote Asia BlackBerry Developer Conference 2011 in Bali International Convention Center, Westin, Nusa Dua. He said that from now on application developers can use it.
"Social Platform BlackBerry Messenger was launched in San Francisco for the beta. We will open it in the next few months," said Gregory Wade in front of hundreds of application developers from various countries were present.
With BlackBerry Messenger is connected with the application, the social networking experience through the BlackBerry will become even wider. For example, it is clear Gregory Wade, while playing games, users can communicate or share your scores and other information.
According to Wade, BlackBerry Messenger is the largest mobile social networking platform in the world. There are currently more than 55 million BlackBerry users in the world and 35 million are already using BlackBerry Messenger.
Not easy to display three-dimensional images that can be directly visible to the naked eye on the LCD screen. So far, other producers just apply it on the small screen, such as Sharp, which introduced it to the smartphone. Nintendo is also using such technology in video game device Nintendo 3DS.
Toshiba technology that enables digital image is presented with viewpoints different to be accepted right and left eye. During this time, they are governed by red and blue filters on the three-dimensional glasses. If want to see videos that are not three dimensional, there is a choice to change the mode to normal view.

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