Aug 14, 2009

Why Build Bridges Tommy the Sunda Strait

Director of the Artha Graha Group, Tommy Winata (TW) have big dreams. Dia akan terpanjang build bridges in the world to connect Java and Sumatra islands.
Tommy Winata secret desire to build a prestigious project is submitted after the Pre-Feasibility Study of the bridge along the Sunda 29 kilometers to the government, in Jakarta on Thursday night, August 13, 2009.
Delivery done at Borobudur Hotel, owned by Tommy Winata to two Banten Governor Ratu Atut Chosiyah and the Governor of Lampung Sjahroedin Z P. Then, by both the governor submitted to the Head of Bappenas Paskah Suzetta.
Tommy said some time ago the Governor of Banten and Lampung Governor perusahaanya request to initiate a bridge builder. Tommy saw a lot of interest because of the name for all of Indonesia.
"Building this bridge because the pure-hearted call for Indonesia," said Tommy. He confessed to build bridges that connect the port of Merak, Banten and the Bekahuni, Lampung not for profit.
He recognizes now aged 65 years. Tommy count at least, the bridge need funds Rp 100 trillion and the most rapid period of repayment to 30 years. "At that time, my age is 95 years old. If you start from now. So, if want to find happiness, it's heavy," he said.
According to the Director Bangungraha PT Sejahtera Mulia Agung Prabowo, the results from the Pre-Feasibility Study conducted by the Sunda Bridge development will take 10 years. This means the government with a five-year period, the bridge will be held in two government at once.

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