Aug 14, 2009

Celestial body Attack Jupiter

A comet or asteroid into the planet was Jupiter, so the white hole is estimated at Earth. Photo taken by amateur astronom Australia.
"Laboratory Propulsi Jet was owned by NASA confirms my findings through a giant infrared telescope in Mauna Kea, Hawaii," said Anthony computer programmers Wesley, 44, who found a collision zone is the space-time at home.
News inventions white hole with the diameter of the telescope is 14.5 inches by Wesley in the astronomy world. Scientists said the crash ended a few days.
Wesley told, it requires 30 minutes to give a starting point memutari black cloud Jupiter since July 19 and eventually run into the largest planet in our solar system. This is the first crash since the views astronom previous comet collision that occurred in July 1994.
"I think it is only normal incidence alone," he said on his website / astro. Its wisdom, fortunately it does not happen in our beloved Earth is.

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