Aug 15, 2009

Released the Apple Macbook Save Energy

Summer is often used to launch the company's products. Apple is not excluded, that the Apple MacBook Pro Summer 2009. Anyar notebook is equipped with Core 2 Duo 2:26 GHz, 2 GB RAM, 160 GB HDD, NVIDIA GeForce 9400 M.

For summer 2009, Apple issued three types at once MacBook Pro, which is the type of 13 inches, 15 inches and 17 inches. MacBook Pro is a new breakthrough for the notebook users. Mind, body so that its coated aluminum MacBook Pro is very slim and light, beautiful, and durable. MacBook made from old plastic, which is not impressive and elegant.

MacBook plus factor is found in the battery resistance. Every MacBook Pro features and improvements in battery and can stand up to up to eight hours. Indeed, in a one-time charging, collection of the latest notebook from Apple can reach 1000 hours. While the notebook is only able to survive normal 200-300 hours.

There is a NVIDIA graphics card, combined with the LED, to display a display view of energy. Plus other factors such as additional SD card slot, and FireWire. Progress is also visible on the display appear in and outside. Internal design of the improvements in various ways, among others, silicon up, cutting-edge logic board, chipset, and graphic design. Not only that, interesting color choices.

This new generation of MacBook prosesornya available in two options: 2 GHz and 2.4 GHz, of course Intel Core 2 Duo. Other changes that are significant to the graphics card. MacBook still uses the old Intel Graphic Media Accelerator, while the MacBook's new NVIDIA GeForce 9400. Trackpad is also different. Namanya Multi Touch Pad, there is no longer on the trackpad button is. All the techniques Wipe Wipe-finger: tap, double tap, drag, and others. One more, this new MacBook to its system bus is more than 1 GHz. Compare with the old, the "only" 800 MHz.

Energy Use Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch

Off (watts) 0.5043
Sleep (watts) 0.6349
Idle (watts) 6.5
Load (watts) 40.1
Raw (annual kWh) 35.01
EnergyStar Compliant Yes
Annual Operating Cost (@ U.S. $ 0.1135 / kWh) U.S. $ 3.97

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