Aug 24, 2009

Toyota Crown Majesta, Cars New Cabinet Ministers

New technology and very proud of Toyota on this car is a safety system "Pre-Crash". This is a pre-crash the world's first that use millimeter wave radar to detect possible collisions from the front side.

Rear seat can be tilted to the position of the system pre-crash safety detect possible collisions from the front or rear. There is also a stereo camera to detect pedestrians in front of the car and gave warning to the driver (if necessary).

For "Night View", used an infrared camera to show the obstacles such as pedestrians and objects or parts of roads are difficult to see and be in front of the car.

Bodi-structured Global Outstanding Assessment (GOA) which secure the passenger when the crash occurred. Another safety, there are 10 airbags, including side rear seat.

Information signs
Information system that uses street map data allows the car accelerates gently when the firm. Gearshift carefully controlled, and utilized to improve engine braking work. Thus, braking gently place. Body passengers will not be pushed to the back when the car brakes, or forward when a car speeding.

Road map data is also used to inform the stop signs to be bypassed by the driver. The car will warn the driver when late braking. Navigation system associated with working brake system that can help drivers perform emergency braking and slow speed of the car.

Other, Intelligent Parking Assist. This device uses ultrasonic sensors to detect parking spaces. The system helps the driver when parallel parking. Cars will provide information to the driver of the big round to do the driver when parking.

Feature that is not less interesting is VGRS or variable gear ratio steering, which optimizes the corner of the front wheel when the wheel rotated in accordance with the speed of the car. For example, when parking, the steering wheel does not need to play with a big angle.

In addition, rear passengers can adjust the wing-shaped headrest and large according to the slope that made him comfortable and enjoy the audio through speakers located on the back of the head.

Price importers
Although Toyota is only marketed to Japanese consumers, it turns out there are companies that serve the export to another country. The company is Japan Inc. Batfa. In its website, the company specify data delivery and insurance costs.

For example, Majesta 4 x 2, 4.6 liters, sold 69,400 U.S. dollars. For Indonesia, not including various taxes, according to Batfa, consumers must pay 70,600 U.S. dollars or approximately USD 710 million. For version 4 x 4, 78,600 U.S. dollars, or USD 790 million.

Well, if you want to enjoy or feel like a minister, lived calculate taxes. Higher taxes than the sedan most other types.

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