Aug 23, 2009

iPhone Reported explode in Europe

PARIS - Apple middle investigate media reports, that is, one or more output iPhone the company has exploded in Europe. It was submitted by the European Commission spokesperson.

Spokesman for the EU executive, which oversees the safety of consumer products sold in blocks of 27 countries that have described the incident as a 'limited'. Apple knew from its own media reports that include one case in which a French teenager said he injured slightly when removing the desisan own iPhone and was suddenly broken. But the company does not comment concerning discussions with the Commission.

"Apple has come to us .. and what they are saying is the incidence of such cases is limited. They are not considered as a general matter," said the spokesperson for the Commission, Helen Kearns.

"They try to find more information in detail specific incident-related incident on (such as the media reported) and they will do the necessary testing to investigate possible causes," said Helen. Apple itself does not comment on the statement of spokesperson for the Commission.

However, spokesman for Apple Europe said the company is aware of the reports. "We are currently waiting for some of the iPhone customers. Until we get a full detail, we do not have anything to add,"

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gema_gogo said...

i phone broken??

yeah is very serious case..

nice post.

ocim said...

how in indo !!!!

ocim said...

how in indo !!!!

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