Aug 25, 2009

Made in Indonesia More Virus Harmful

Indonesia-made virus is believed more dangerous than foreign production, because the virus is able to remove the local data file."Meanwhile, the foreign virus is not necessary to remove the file user. Manufacturer virus just want to show the weaknesses of the existing windows," said Technical Security Consultant, ESET Indonesia, a company in the field of digital security, Yudhi Kukuh.
However, he explained, from a number of viruses that spread across computer networks in the world, viruses from Indonesia only contributed 0.1 percent. "Despite his mastery of internationally fairly low, computer users need to realize the importance of antivirus to protect the data.
Until now, he said, a variation of the virus in the world is very diverse. However, now the trend is dangerous viruses and configure. This virus can multiply in nature and therefore have a derivative variants can achieve the 30 (configure variant AQ)."The majority, has been attacking the computer in between configure generic, configure variant A, and configure variants AA,"Meanwhile, he pointed out, local viral diversity is also harmful computer user data such as baboons, aksika, coolface & coolface MP3 player, W32/Kill AV, swordsman blank, dating, blue fantassy, Windx-Matrox. "In addition, there are also viruses in shambles, 'FD Shield', Purwo C, and Nadia Saphira,".ESET antivirus user related, "Marketing Communications" ESET Indonesia, Chrissie Maryanto, states, until now the biggest market of 60% was in Jakarta, 30% in Surabaya, and 10% of its spread in other cities.
"Of this amount, our market segmentation consists of 80% among 20 percent of corporate and retail business.
Especially in Surabaya, he was ready to penetrate the retail market in the city. One of them with collaborate with retailers engaged in the field of information technology (IT). Meanwhile, since August, he has a reseller in Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Malang, Jember, Bali, Balikpapan, and Papua.
"About to attract customers, we provide Free From Viruses promo with promotional prices for the 'Home Edition' such as ESET NOD32 Antivirus is now a U.S. $ 24.99 from the normal price of U.S. $ 39.99,".

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kang tatang said...

Whew..... My computer crash due of a harmfull virus attack. hem.. local Virus I guest.....


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