Aug 9, 2009

pro XL champion sad Surip Died

PT Excelcomindo Pratama Tbk (XL) took up the feeling of condolence on the death Urip Ariyanto alias Surip champion. "XL also hope tenuity deceased did not know the struggle of life and tired of dedication in the Conference can berkesenian youth of Indonesia to give up avoidance performance in print," said Myra Junor, General Manager Corporate Communication XL.
Related ads displaying XL champion Surip stars as one of the ads, according to Myra, at this time the editing process is done, so start August 10 and the next ad is not showing more primitive form of chanter.
Surip champion, minstrel nyentrik leaves that are rising, died in hospital Pusdikkes Dik, East Jakarta, on Tuesday (4 / 8), pukul 10:30 WIB. Surip champion was born on 5 May 1949 in Mojokerto, East Java.

He was a widower and leaves four children and four grandchildren. Take regae troubadour style, man this famous blond gimbal because some of the terms to its top, including "Peace man ..." laughing and unique "I love you full, ha ha ha ..."

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