Aug 11, 2009

Freed vs Innova

Honda already freed reap the attention of the Indonesian people even a year before launch. Freed now present the official with the official price of Rp 237 (standard) - Rp 257 million (electric sliding door). Price competitive with strict  Innova is the first MPV market rule the country.

Freed, as quoted, with All New Jazz platform and the same machine (with a few modifications on torsi) engine has the capacity 1.500cc while Innova 2.000cc motorized (gasoline) and 2.500cc (diesel).

Besides Honda Freed are presented with only one type of transmission that is automatic, no manual version, while Kijang have the manual version. Please note not all people happy than automated manual transmission with a variety of reasons. Be Freed already lost points on one side transmission.

From the model, there is no doubt Honda Freed is more stylish. His birth year is also different with the Innova. Freed also has a dashboard design a more functional system with its 2 stage. Your laptop can be laying there without fear laptopnya fall / sink. However Innova also has a strong character design and tune the market of Indonesia.

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