Aug 9, 2009

Fall from stage, shoulder to shoulder Steven Tyler Broken

Aerosmith vocalist Steven Tyler has broken vertebrae after a fall from the stage during a concert in the United States, Wednesday (5 / 8) ago. Moreover, in Tyler tell get stitches in the head and shoulder. Wife said Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry, Billie Perry, through a message on Twitter, the incident occurred when the Aerosmith show in South Dakota. "Yes, he was in a condition that is quite severe," wrote Billie Perry. Billie Perry confess there is no information whether the Aerosmith tour will be resumed.

Tyler, 61 years old, they say accidentally fell when to step back when the present "Love in an Elevator" in front of thousands of motorcycle fans in the Buffalo Chip Campground, Sturgis.

Due to the incident, the concert had stopped. Tyler was also directly to the hospital. According to the message Billie Perry, Tyler's personal doctor will be reviewed. Meanwhile, other personnel Aerosmith will return to their headquarters in Boston.

Months ago, Aerosmith had to pause after seven concerts Tyler experienced foot injury. Mischance befall Aerosmith is not only happening in Tyler. Guitarist Brad Whitford, 57 years, absent in several concerts due to restore condition after surgery in the head. After that, the bass player Tom Hamilton, 57 years, also must leave the tour due to surgery. Hamilton has not so far back.

Aerosmith at the start to Jagat music world in the early 1970s. Tyler Perry and writing hit songs like "Walk This Way", "Back in the Saddle," and "Same Old Song and Dance."

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