Aug 14, 2009

How to Create easy Facebook stuck in Ponsel

Some mobile phone manufacturers now compete to provide a new application. One of the so vendible application is network Facebook and other friends. They are beautiful to see the high number of users of the network. Consequently, a number of latest mobile phone output has a Facebook application. They called Facebook Connect. So consumers do not need to reach them or through a browser, which makes slow status. Here is some information and tips Fasebook applications for mobile phones.

iPhone: from 2.0 to 3.0

Facebook for iPhone application can be obtained in the App Store and downloaded on the website Facebook. This application has been developed in several versions, for example version 2.0 to 2.2 and that will soon slither version 3.0. Apple makes it neat systematic.
Menus that consist of Newsfeed, Profile, Friends, Inbox, Chat, Request, Events, Photos and Pages arranged in three vertical array. From the view menu the user can immediately see how many messages in the Inbox and notifications that will appear at the bottom of the screen.
How to get this application is not difficult. Download and install the iPhone via Facebook or App Store. After that, the live account and fill in the name of the keyword. However, this version for the iPhone has some weaknesses. Slow and problematic operation. For example, in the version 2.1 application hangs when users access a specific menu, or when such notification would show the whole picture.
At version 3.0, it is reported akan provided a more complete menu. For example, Events, and users can directly perform RSVP. The other is added to the Notes, Pages, Create New Photo Albums, Upload Photos to Any albums, and other new menu to 15.

BlackBerry Version 1.6

Latest Facebook application for BlackBerry is a version 1.6. This version is more sophisticated than previously because the function has automatic synchronization for a specific menu, such as contacts and calendar. This version also change the ways to access the menu that is normal Facebook.
For example, to write a comment on the photos in an album, a user must click on the image. After that, the rows of the menu will appear which can be selected. This is almost the same as how to access the menu on the phone. There is also support for Feed, Wall Updates, view and comment on the wall of a friend, or on the image and display. Not only that, there are 16 kinds of languages including English.
Unfortunately, the only BlackBerry that has a 64 megabit memory and operating system series 4.2 or later can use the version 1.6. This application also can not run on the device to navigate the Wheel.
Version 1.6 users can also connect your Facebook application with BlackBerry Calendar, BlackBerry Message, and BlackBerry Connect. If the application is activated, some things will be done your BlackBerry mobile phone:

- Every new contact in Facebook automatically added into the list of contacts BlackBerry. They also change the image and profile information friends in Facebook. Rather to find new friends, a list of contacts in the BlackBerry will be sent to Facebook.
- Each is a notification to appear on the new Facebook, this notification will also appear in the Facebook application Message.
- When a new event that is sent to the user's Facebook account, this event added to the list directly Calendar Facebook.

Only Nokia Symbian

Nokia mobile phone users even though the largest number, unfortunately, not many applications on Facebook the phone. Here are some options that may be considered :
- FBook from MessMo. Free version of this application can be obtained in This application has the features are complete enough. User can send pictures or video, and other direct action from a mobile phone. Application is sufficient light for Java-based and does not absorb a lot of credit. Device that can run this application is the third edition of Symbian S60 and S40. - Recently, Nokia launched a formal application. Looks like a pair of Facebook applications on the Nokia N97 series. This application can be downloaded for free via Ovi Store. Almost all the general features can be run on Facebook, including photos and upload videos, create photo albums, became a fan of Pages, or receive notification on the phone. However, this is only the latest application is for mobile phone Nokia mobile phone-based Symbian S60 fifth edition, like the Nokia N97 and Nokia 5800 Xpress Music.

Facebook on your PDA or Windows Mobile Ponsel

Unlike the Symbian, Facebook application for Windows Mobile operating system quite a lot. In fact, Microsoft also created an application that can be downloaded free of charge their site:
- Facebook App from Microsoft has a full function and appearance typical of Windows Mobile. In addition to standard functions, such as writing a message, with this application user can mengunggah photos and videos directly from mobile phone. Other functions, including updating the profile. This application can be run on the device operating system Windows Mobile Standard and Professional. However, this application is very slow when running.
- In addition to the windows version 6.1, Microsoft is also developing applications for Windows Mobile 6.5, which already can be downloaded at the site. However, this new version of the pilot, so many weaknesses. For example, application can not be installed on the memory card. However, the application features of interest. One of them, users can directly call the page from the Phonebook on Facebook.
- FriendMobilizers from Macrospecs one. Excess application, it looks simple but its function is complete. For example, see profiles, mem-Poke, writing in the wall, photographs and other displays. Notification of Facebook will also appear on the main screen ponsel.Aplikasi this function has not yet mengunggah photos. FriendMobilizers can be accessed at

Facebook on Android Ponsel

That is until the coast is Bloo, Facebook applications that run on the Android operating system. Bloo was first released with version 1.3 and will be corrected in the next version 1.3.1.
Excess speed on this application. One feature even allows users to search and display images in their gallery easily. However, Bloo trouble if users want to move from one image to other images. Also, not all features can be run on Facebook. Bloo is not free. This application can be found in the Android Market with a price of U.S. $ 1.49. Before Bloo, actually have fBook besutan Next Mobile Web. Unique features of the fBook is notification that the withdrawal is designed to work the push-mail. User can set how much time each one mobile phone to check if there is a new notification.
User can also set up so that each notification appears, remove the phone ringing or vibrate. Weakness also accompany this application. Complaints that often appears is the page with the Facebook application often pitch-out sign in itself.

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