Aug 14, 2009

Is Install Antivirus in Ponsel

Whether on a mobile phone virus threat is real right? Is buy antivirus for mobile phone? Some analysts assume that it redundant.
Although the circulating news that the hacker-hacker Ukraine has been trying break iPhone and steal data, all the votes are groundless.
Why so? By Bob Tedeschi, observers technology from New York Times, because the virus is not able to follow the development of the software released by Apple for the iPhone. Apple always routine menambal holes software with software has launched a new version.
This is apparently also valid for the phone-a Nokia mobile phone output notabene use the Symbian operating system. Nokia mobile phone is king of the world, except in the United States. Far have not heard any virus attack against the Symbian mobile phone.
"The malware in the mobile phone seems to not be real attack," said Mikko H. Hyppponen, head of antivirus research producer F-Secure. Mikko has been making products to detect and remove viruses from your computer.
One way the producers prevent viruses is to select the software market. For example, the iPhone or BlackBerry. When you have institutions that want to create software based on both the operating system of the second mobile phone that they must submit software to Apple and Research in motions, BlackBerry manufacturer. They will select the software which can be sold through their official store. All software for the iPhone is only sold through the site owned by Apple, that is, While the BlackBerry software to be sold through the online store Rim.

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