Aug 27, 2009

Core i9 Appear September 2009

When a computer user's attention is fixed on the P55 chipset platform installed LGA-1156 socket quad-core processor for 45 nanometers to come, secretly Intel will introduce the Core i9 September 1000 on the next series.The plan, this processor will be introduced to the public in the event the Intel Developer Conference held in San Francisco, United States, 22 to 24 September 2009. The processor, code-named Gulftown, using 32-nanometer architecture.

The good news, Intel does not create a new platform. This processor will use Gulftown LGA-1366 socket the same as used by the Core i7 900 processor series. As for architecture, built with Gulftown architecture Westmare and ready to support dual, quad, sexa, and Octa core.

Step Intel decided to use the code 1000 series is a logical step after they were preparing Core I5-700 series, Core i7-800 series, Core i7-900 series. I9-Core 1000 series would indicate that the processor in the ranks will deliver higher performance again.

As quoted from VIVAnews Bright Side of News, August 26, 2009, several sources mentioned that the 32-nanometer Intel processors have a problem when working in hot turbo mode and use the dynamic clock scaling. Interesting how many clock speed record, prepared by Intel for processors such Gulftown.

What is clear, with a prepared range of i9-Core processor 1000 series, Intel certainly will retain the title as the company's fastest x86 processor maker in the world.

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