Aug 27, 2009

Accelerate transition to Intel 32 Nanometer

Intel Corp.. plans to begin the transition to 32 nanometer production technology faster than the previous schedule. Apparently, the biggest processor manufacturer that wants to aggressively promote a processor code-named their Clarkdale in the fourth quarter 2009 with direct selling in large quantities around one quarter earlier.

Intel will begin selling dual-core microprocessors and 32 nanometers with 4MB of cache, Hyper-Threading, memory controller and dual channel DDR3 integrated graphics core for mainstream desktop computers. Clarkdale itself is a processor that uses the base Westmere microarchitecture.

Because Clarkdale processors have memory controllers, graphics core and PCI Express interconnect is also in it, then the processor system that utilizes GMCH does not require or commonly called northbridge chip on the motherboard. Thus, the processor will be directly connected to the chip platform controller hub (PCH) Intel 5 Series (with code names Ibexpeak) hard disk that contains controllers, networks, physical interfaces, PCI, and the device input / output options.

A number of motherboard manufacturers mentioned Clarkdale processor will include 10 percent of all microprocessors OEM desktop sales in the fourth quarter of 2009. And in the first quarter of 2010, Clarkdale market share is expected to increase to 20 percent.

Although the graphics core used in Clarkdale is 45 nanometer technology, according to some analysts, this move to accelerate the transition quite aggressive and can lead to high rates of product failure in the process is 32 nanometers. Intel itself has not officially commented about this.

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