Aug 27, 2009

Top Microsoft Ad Apologize Rasis

At the head of advertising in Poland black model is replaced by the head of the white model

Giant software (software), Microsoft apologized for the manipulation of their online ads that seem racist, Wednesday, August 26, 2009. Controversial ad shows three businesses, namely, one Asian, one white and one black man, in a room.

However, the ad images are then modified in the Microsoft Internet pages in Poland. At the head of advertising models black head is replaced with another model white.

"We're sorry. We will fix the error, and investigate how it could happen," said Microsoft spokesman, Lou Gellos, as quoted by CNN page.

He said, because the company is still investigating how the "exchange" the head could occur, he declined to comment further. In the Microsoft account at social networking Twitter, contained an apology and that the ads in Poland that occurred due to marketing mistakes. business pages, which was first reported that the head replacement, writes that changes in the black model's head was probably adjusted to the Polish market is "homogeneous according to his race".

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