Jan 24, 2011

Chevrolet Captiva SS 2011 Officially Launched

Chevrolet Captiva SS 2011 Officially Launched - After providing an opportunity for journalists to try out new features that are offered by The New Captiva SS (Super Sport) on the show titled Captiva Superiority Investigation (CSI), on Saturday (22 / 1) in the Circuit Lippo Karawaci Tangerang, PT GM AutoWorld Indonesia (GMAI) officially launched the vehicle in the afternoon.

One new feature that stands out on Captiva SS is a 2.4L Ecotec petrol engines which have a more perfect performance than previous models Captiva engine. 2.4L DOHC Ecotec engine with DCVCP (Double Continuosly Variable Cam Phaser) version has been proved by a number of journalists do have a tremendous performance.

Ecotec engine is an engine-developed General Motors (GM), which was originally signed as a family of GM's Opel Family II Engine and developed by experts from the International Opel Technical Development Center in Russelheim, Germany in 1970 and is GM's first engine was born globally special.

In 2000, the name adopted at the GM Ecotec Family II Engine new generation that uses aluminum in the engine blocknya. As the name implies, Ecotec engine low emission, can consume 20% ethanol and has a high flexibility.

Ecotec itself is short for Emission Control Technology Optimization. While Captiva SS Ecotec engine carrying the LE-9 codes are capable of supplying power by 171 PS with maximum torque of 225 Nm. While the previous machine has a power 144 PS and 220 Nm of torque.

In addition to new engine which now uses an aluminum engine block, Captiva is also equipped stransmisi HydraMatic SS 6-speed automatic with gear ratios more tightly so that the acceleration is faster, smoother, and increase the efficiency of drive systems overall performance. This transmission can make Captiva SS drove at high speed with low rpm so it is more efficient in fuel consumption.

Captiva SS is also equipped with luxury features of the new meter cluster supervision with the color combination of white, blue, green and red are successful add to the atmosphere more comfortable cabin and futuristic.

And features the most prominent among the new features is the latest audio systems classy hi-end features and technology Arkamys 3D Surround Sound (SS) System. This technology is part of a DSP (digital sound processor) is able to present the layout of the sound (sound staging) in the cabin Captiva SS so it is more convenient and more natural ears.

According to Manager of Product Planning & Business Development Manager GMAI Harry Yanto, Clarion Head Unit injected alerts Arkamys 3D surround sound technology can make a wide impression on Captiva cabin thanks to its ability to be able to present the ambient sound like the actual concert arena.

He also explained that this audio system can be setup in such a way as to sound
hi-end can be enjoyed by all passengers or only to the driver when he drove Captiva alone, thanks to the sound delay system by Arkamys undisclosed formula.

Captiva SS Head Unit also features USB connectivity and auxiliary input port that allows passengers to enjoy the songs from the MP3/MP4 Player, iPod, flash drives and external hard disc, while in security affairs, Captiva SS is equipped with foldable key features keyless entry anti-theft deterrent system and immobilizer so safe from the risks to copy the key.

Vehicle that was launched with a base price of Rp313 million on the road (DKI) comes with 6 color choices: black sapphire, royal gray, sterling silver, sparkling tan, alpine white and red tornado. And starting on Monday January 24, 2011 it could be ordered at all Chevrolet dealerships throughout Indonesia.

Questioning the view outside is no different except for the additional emblem of the 'SS' in the back, Director of Marketing GMAI Beteng Santoso said it is considering to release a special edition variant of Captiva SS, and of course with a special price as well.

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