Dec 29, 2009

SingTel Presents Mobile Qwerty USD 999 Thousand

Phone with EDGE connectivity that supports the Internet and networking applications to enliven sosial.Kembali Qwerty phone with affordable price, Mito jointly Mobile Telkomsel launched bundling package LuxBerry Mito 838 for Rp 999,000.

Still rely on features that already existed before, LuxBerry Mito 838 also offers Instant Messaging (IM), such as Yahoo! EBuddy Messenger Messenger to, or access to social networks like Facebook. Interestingly, this phone presents free nelpon, SMS, and the Internet during the first 6 months.

"We returned to innovate with the launch of the completed product features such as Facebook, Yahoo Messenger, eBuddy, Opera Mini, Mobile Office, to Google Map, but still at an affordable price, ie 999 thousand dollars," said Lie Hansen, Director Mito Mobile, as quoted from testimony VIVAnews, December 29, 2009.

"With bundling package with Telkomsel, these features can be enjoyed with a number of free bonus services presented by Telkomsel," said Hansen.

LuxBerry Mito 838 is itself a dual phone on GSM-GSM 900/1800 MHz with a LCD screen measuring 2.2 inches and 3.5 mm jack. Has two cameras, on the front and rear, each with 1.3 MP resolution, and accompanied by a special flash back side of the camera.

Want to present more complete entertainment, Mito Mobile pinned video players, photos, FM radio, up to the TV tuner in the phone is 116x58x12 mm. There is also a shortcut button (shortcut) for multimedia functions, games, Bluetooth, and camera. Blacklist feature to reject calls from certain numbers, and motion sensors also possess the latest Mito phone.

Speaking of connectivity, to support Internet access, mobile phone similar to Nokia E71 is claimed to have a powerful 2000 mAh battery has been equipped with EDGE technology, which accompanied microUSB and Bluetooth A2DP.

"To increase customer satisfaction, we also provide a free 2 GB memory card, two silicon case, and battery backup so that customers do not have to worry about in an emergency," said Hansen.

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