Nov 26, 2009

Maintain Market Share LG LCD TV

Largest producer of LCD TV LG Electronics Indonesia (LGEIN) to attempt to maintain the current pengusaan LCD TV market in the national market, with spending amid a variety of quality products for consumers.

"The results of the last survey in October 2009, our market share reached 33 per cent for LCD TVs, from 21 percent previously. However, LCD TV sales growth nationally will grow 70 percent," said Flat Panel Display TV Product Manager LGEIN Eko Adhi Suyitno, at Surabaya , Wednesday.

According to him, the effort to maintain that achievement done by removing the products of premium quality LCD TV LCD TV SL80 is called "Borderless" TV.

"It is called like that because the TV screen and framenya merged into one. This product is available in a variety of sizes including 43 inches, 47 inches and 55 inches. To measure 42 inches sold Rp20 million per unit, 47 inches Rp28 million per unit, and 55 inch Rp42 million / unit.

"For quite a premium price, our nationwide sales target 800 units per month," he said.

The conviction was based on the consideration that the products have the technology "Energy Saving Smart Plus" so that environmentally friendly products, reducing power consumption, ensures image quality, and reduce fatigue in the eyes of viewers to 75 percent.

"This product is designed to` single-layer coated `Diamond` Panel `and` technology presents Lamination Film `so scratch resistant, eliminating the former's hand, reducing vibration, and easy to clean. In fact, technology has` bluetooth `and` built-in USB port ` , "he said.

Meanwhile, "Branch Manager LGEIN` Surabaya, Iwan Sutanto, adding, to Surabaya or East Java could target 300 units sold per month.

"We believe the LCD TV market is still bright because now in the advanced countries, the TV tube is not sold and switched to LCD," he said.

About LCD TV sales growth in East Java during the January-November 2009, he claimed, increased 108 percent over the same period last year. It divides the two types of television including TV tubes (flat) and Flat Panel Display (FPS). FPS itself subdivided into LCD and Plasma.

"The contribution of LCD and TV sales to reach 50 per cent tube of all television products, while sales, flat TV contribution of about 30 percent, 20 percent of FPS, and market share tube TV and FPS in East Java respectively reached 30 percent," he said.

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