Nov 10, 2009

Rihanna Live Streaming in Nokia

Rihanna latest album is titled 'Rated-R' will be launched through an existing technology in Nokia, in collaboration with Universal Music Group.

TechTree launched on Monday (9/11/2009), Nokia considers this cooperation as the largest they had ever tangled. Along with the focus of Nokia to hold data services and Internet content to their handsets, which still occupies the number one position in the world.

Later, Nokia will provide exclusive music content to all users of the Nokia in the world and bring it with the headline 'Play Nokia 2010'.

The announcement was posted along with the plan Nokia launches music phone X6 series on 12 November. Even Rihanna stage appearance in London on November 16 will be delivered as a streaming by Nokia. Rihanna fans who use Nokia can see Rihanna appearance after registration on the site Nokia Now Playing.

We have smelled the content can be enjoyed Rihanna on Ovi Store. Even users of the Nokia Comes With Music can get access exclusive edition album, 'Rated R' Rihanna

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