Jan 12, 2010

BH High Technology Support Anti Wrinkles

High technology innovation plays a important role in underwear. Fashion exhibition in Paris shows a bra that can hold aging, pump body temperature, even the weight of only 67 grams.

Bra capable of pumping up and down the body temperature and resist aging becomes latest underwear will be launched this month in the exhibition which will dihelat lingerie in Paris.

A Dutch citizen anti-wrinkle bra design that can remove heat to prevent the aging process when a woman was asleep asleep.

Meanwhile, a smart bra can be made in Slovenia and the froth out body heat when having sex or making out.

Both products will be displayed in the Paris trade fair 23-25 January.

"High technology plays an important role in the development of underwear," said Sophie Morin Fashion Manager. "Ultra-sound for example is currently used as the laser technology in cutting and forming the silhouette of the garment without sewing."

Another compelling products from France a lingerie called Milkshake that contains the original milk protein manufactured, there are also 10 amino acids to wet skin.

"Knitting soft as satin," said Morin.

Anti-wrinkle brassiere without hollow Decollete designed by the proposed use during sleep, able to maintain cleavage remain separate and avoid the formation of wrinkles that appear at night.

Smart bra from Slovenia Lisca able to increase the water foam in the chest with a hot body seiringan, bra technology has been patented since 1960.

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