Dec 21, 2009

After a phone, Google will make Netbook

The news will prove the reason why Eric Schmidt, Google CEO Apple.Informasi withdrew from circulating around the steps Google will launch the smartphone in the near future made more vivid. Not yet realized, now comes news that the search engine company will deliver netbook with Chrome the operating system late 2010.

If true, it means that Google and Apple will compete again. Except this time in the business of hardware and software for the PC. The news will prove the reason why Eric Schmidt, Google's chief executive officer in August and then had to resign from the ranks of Apple's Board of Directors who have dijabatnya since 2006. Because the two companies are now competing in various fields. Browser, cell phone, and later, the operating system.

Some sources claim that Google has held talks with at least one PC manufacturers about making a netbook. The talks had reached the stage of detailed technical specifications regarding the development of affordable netbooks.

"They're taking your time and seems to target the holiday season in 2010, exactly one year from now," said Michael Arrington, an analyst as quoted VIVAnews from AppleInsider, December 21, 2009. "From our observation, Google wants to make the device, install and sell their brands directly to consumers," he said.

The technical information about new devices around the device supports the mobile network, and is likely to hold the operator to get the subsidy.

The rapid growth of the netbook market in recent years led to rumors and predictions that someday Apple will release their economic machine. However, so far Apple still struggling in the market expensive products that provide very high profits as their Mac product line.

Interestingly Google hardirnya whether the netbook market could tempt Apple did a similar move.

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