Nov 16, 2009

New Advertising Platform by Blackberry

The thriving cyber world inspires Research in Motion (RIM), the Blackberry producer, to provide a new service that can be an alternative opportunity to make money. The new service platform will offer an advertising service integrated with the Blackberry network.

For instance, via Blackberry Advertising Service, developers can integrate an advertisement into their Blackberry application, helping them to gain income and simplify the mobile advertising business process.

With the Blackberry ad service, RIM plans to give acces for the advertising world into dedicated advertising networks, such as Jumptap, Lat49, Millineal Media, Navteq, 1020 Placecast, Quattro Wireless, and Sympatico CA. The service will present ads according to the the guide from Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), and will be able to be integrated with Blackberry applications.

With this new technology, ads can be modified directly from the Blackberry App World (for dates, prices, and contact numbers). The service is real-time and detailed. Aside from having consolidated reports from ads all through the ad network, including appearance number, clicks, conversions, and income, all these are integrated into the Omniture Online Marketing Suite for more comprehensive analysis.

"With this new platform the prolific Blackberry community will continue to grow and the service platform wil help users to make more money from the existing applications," said Jim Balsillie, Co-CEO of RIM.

The Blackberry Advertising Service application and Software Development Kit (SDK) are scheduled to be released in the first half of 2010. In Indonesia the total Blackberry users are estimated to be above 600,000.

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