Aug 9, 2009

Noor Din, Terrorism and Facebook Status

Cases of terrorism, the story not only bring tragedy and the action the police reveal the case. The story is funny and unique coloring consecutive trip hunting terrorist kingpin who led terrorist origin Malaysia, Noor Din M Top that.
Exclaim him telling was not only outstanding impression in television, radio and newspaper pages. In the virtual world, one in the social networking site Facebook that well of late, also filled 'post' that contain it.
The energizer facebook change the active status with the news of Noor Din. Scrutinize the coverage in the media considered excessive, there is a thumb to lift the performance of the police, there were still doubts that Noordin was really killed.
One of the prod is doubt that the status of Noor Din was yelling his name when in the middle of its per hide Anya in Hamlet Beji, Kedu, Temanggung. In his posting, he wrote. "Who in the, Noordin what cat?".
Then there is also the last speech bring Noor Din exhale breath before final speech as leader reaver bank after John Dillinger in love to shoot the film in the 'Public Enemy'. "Bye, bye, black bird," speech last Noor Din to Arina.
One of the many interesting and also circulating in the facebook page is a game the numbers associated with the occurrence of action in the Mega Kuningan bombardment three weeks ago. One of them is the status read: "Still impressed with the number 8. Gathuk brain or have especial significance in baliknya? Action blasting BOM on 17/07, is planned in the Hotel Room 1808, perpetrators arrested 08/08 by Densus 88.Per hatikan well - both 1 +7.07 +1,8,08,08,08,8,8 = 88888888 (Figures 8 eight times). "

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