Aug 1, 2009

Microsoft Launches Windows 7

Microsoft, the largest software company, announced the newest operating system, Windows 7 is ready to be marketed to computer users.
Windows 7 release to manufacturers (RTM) means to give time for the software to go to the computer hardware and other available intelligent.
"Today is after all validation checks have been done, we announce 7600 as the RTM," said Brandon LeBlanc, a member of the Windows team, in a message sent Wednesday (22 / 7) on the Microsoft website. "It is not only important for us, but RTM is also important for our partners," he said.
Microsoft makes Windows 7 after passing through a number of quality tests, input from a number of partner companies, and users agree to launch prior to computer users.
"Our customers told us what they want and we take the experience that is specific to building and to support them," LeBlanc wrote.

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