Aug 7, 2009

Hacker attack Facebook and Twitter

Twitter and Facebook, two sites of the world's leading social Internet, hackers attacked on Thursday (6 / 8). Attacks that result in Facebook becoming slowly more sinister Twitter are again, several hours can not diakses.Para Facebook users to see that yesterday when data or status change, the time is used more slowly.

Facebook, according to one source close to the top social sites of the world that work with Twitter and Google to investigate the attack peretas presumably done with the coordination.

A number of speculations that some social sites outside Facebook and Twitter also attacked hackers. LiveJournal for example, the server recognizes them attacked. But speculation is not confirmed.

The incidence is similar to a hacker attack back in July when a number of sites in the United States and South Korea, including the White House Internet page, be paralyzed. Department intelligence point South Korea North Korea was behind the attack of this hacker.

One of the founders of Twitter, Biz Stone, over at the blog site that they were attacked with a pattern of "denial of service". Twitter hackers overrun with data, so not able to operate again. "We defend themselves from attack this attack," wrote Stone.

Google stated that they coordinate with several managers of the site to examine this. Medium sites can defend themselves from attack. "Google's system to prevent the impact of attack for our services," he said.

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