Aug 19, 2009

Draft Patent Modif More Stuff

SMASHING! This is the appropriate word for the fruit of German tuner Geiger Cars. With the results of different modifications Mercedes-Benz G55 AMG ART done by the request of the family of Abu Dhabi kingdom that we cover, the original Hummer H2 is now the coolest good views.

Vehicle brand is not yet clear who owned whom akan after General Motors remove this, have modified the flow of 'insane' ber flow DUB called 'latte Macciato', the name of the game is cool colors unique two-tone and display velek giant sized 30 inch diameter!

Through the enhancement called supercharger, Geiger Hummer is now able to clear out energy 547hp@5.900rpm and flood torsi until 763Nm@4.500rpm 'homeless Amercan giant' is the ability to 228km/jam acceleration 0-100 in 6.9 seconds. Somehow the fuel consumption, but who cares?

To compensate for the ability of brutal power, an Suspensi brake components also increased, while the exterior is more beautiful through the skin layer and the best creamy chocolate.

Not only to complete there. Dashboard, wheel rim, center console and door panels are made with the same display its brilliant combination of colors on the outside of the paint that makes the 'latte Macciato' visible and unique ... Cool!

All the elements in the 400 consists of a small part in the piano calcimine with color, while the pillars A, B and C and the lower part of the roof coated with a layer of Alcantara.

To improve comfort during the trip, a vehicle with this system from Pioneer sound system that features the SatNav as a pilot, monitor rooted in the ceiling to fit a chip to play the DVD with the sound quality is prime. Monitor earlier can also connect with the camera in the stern for easy parking.

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