Aug 9, 2009

China prohibit smell Mafia Online Game

China's Ministry of Culture has banned a game online that describes the activities of a Mafia or a group of criminals.
The decision was issued because the Chinese government believes that such a game will follow a menyosialisasikan antisocial and dangerous for young people.
China's Ministry of Culture has issued a regulation game is beredarnya. Sosialiasinya has also been done through the internet medium widely. Which provides the site operator must stop the games and promotional operations.
The game is to have an activity that allow the Mafia is doing PLAYERS murder, piracy, rape, and theft. Not only that, that any action of violence and blood in it also includes a prohibited by the Chinese government.
"Game-game should be banned because it really threaten and try to distort public culture, especially the young people moral," the ministry statement said.

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