Aug 15, 2009

BlackBerry Application Developer's Blog

Rim BlackBerry as a producer, today officially launched a blog for the BlackBerry application developer. Blog aims to share knowledge and experience between developers. This blog will focus on 3 areas:

-Technical Discussion and Insights
Includes practical exercises for BlackBerry application developers, code snippets, as well as the general technical information on how to make an application.

-Market Insight
And discuss the potential trends in the development of an application, related to the development of mobile phone industry's Rim.

Aims to encompass the developer community, whether regional or local in the world. As the meeting between the BlackBerry application developers around the world.

Previously, the rim has created a portal application for the BlackBerry called World App. Rim is now in the midst of tight competition with the iPhone App Store property. This blog is expected to help her to face the competition.

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genial said...

pertamaxxx kah?!?!?? kapan iia saiia bisa punya BB?!?!? :(

SiApih [warung Informasi] said...

mantaps.. pertamax

syscomcell said...

hadir selalu memberikan support

fatihsyuhud said...

good article brother

Freesoftware said...

nice post

PakarnaBlogger said...

good job

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